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Special Psychological
Services Group

     This group includes clinical psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists available for consultation in the National Capitol Region and around the nation. They offer training for school resource officers and school staff, as well as evaluative and interventive resources.

      As trainers, they are able to present state of the art information regarding adolescent violence, recognizing indicators of violence and recommending courses of action to isolate, interact and reduce risk. They provide school resource officers with skills to develop information as to what risks may be developing, how to deal with those who present risk and what to do in emergencies in which violence is at hand. They educate administrators and teachers with the skills on how to recognize at risk students, defuse potential violence and what to do if violence breaks out. Included in the training is information to empower participants to train others, thus multiplying the depth and effectiveness of the effort.

      Evaluative resources include working with or providing mental health professionals local to the client school agency who can conduct evaluations of risk potential in children who threaten. This is advocacy for the school, ensuring that there is state of the art, objective evaluative capability to determine whether or not to exclude a threatening child from communal education. Not only do they offer highly competent mental health evaluation; all such efforts are reviewed for quality assurance by their psychological/psychiatric team to confirm confidence in recommendations.

      Unless a threatener is cleared by such evaluation, return to the classroom would be too great a risk. In a zero tolerance for violence setting, there must be credible threat assessment capability or children of taxpayers will be excluded from educational resources to which they are entitled. Their interventive contributions compliment the plans of other security consultation efforts, preparing school personnel for violence should it occur, training safe responses when violence occurs, and constructively recovering after incidents that have tested the coping of staff and children alike.

      These services are available to all school settings. Public schools will find our partnership with school security professionals a vital enhancement that provides or supplements school law enforcement capability. Private institutions, that must protect their reputations as well as their students, find confidence in preparing for risks before occur. Such efforts deter violence and enhance survivability if danger is unavoidable.

      The liability of failing to consider and deal with these risks imperils life. Such failure also presents legal liability that can have devastating consequences that are another lethal repercussion that in particular, risk the survivability of private institutions.

     Let us review your school's potential to deter and survive violence. Our recommendations compliment existing initiatives, emphasizing program strengths and weaknesses, and tailoring options with which to ensure comprehensive protection for your students, staff and assets.

     Safe at School Group

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